The Midnight Youth Potion

  • The Midnight Youth Potion

The Midnight Youth Potion



Welcome to the real beauty sleep. Our New Midnight Youth Potion is here.  This Nighttime Botanic Face serum with Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C will replenish your skin while you sleep adding gorgeous necessary nutrients, vitamins and oils to remove fine lines, even out the skin tone and plump up the skin for a stunning youthful glow. 

Each Midnight Youth Potion is Made with:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Calendula Seed Oil
  • Carrot Seed Oil
  • Flaxseed Oil
  • Rose Hip Seed Oil
  • Jojoba Golden Oil
  • Vitamin C
  • Monoi de Tahiti Oil
  • Marula Oil
  • Maracuya Oil
  • Baobab Oil
  • Camelia Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Avocado Oil amongst others.

How to use: First cleanse the face thoroughly. Pat dry. Shake face Serum well. Then apply ten drops of the Midnight Youth Potion in the palm of your hands. Rub together to warm up the elixir and then apply Serum all over the face evenly in an upward motion. Make sure to apply in sections with fine lines, dry patches and around the eye and lip area. Do not place too close to the eyes to avoid Irritation. Do not apply other oils or moisturizers on top. Let absorb over night. You will wake up to beautiful hydrated and replenished skin. For external use only. 

We hope you will be as obsessed with it as we are. Apply ten drops every night and immediately you will see gorgeous glowing skin. 

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    Youth Potion!

    Love this potion. It’s soothing and nourishing. I wake up with glowing skin, no pulling, and no redness.


    I have normal combo skin, and I love this oil. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but I’m in love. My skin loves the Midnight Youth Potion. My normaly oily parts aren’t oil slicks and feel normal. I use this at night and have for a few weeks and am impressed with how my skin looks. The redness isn’t as noticeable and my skin feels and looks good. A little goes a long way and I rub my fingers over the palms of my hands after I’ve applied to my face. I also use a drop for under my eyes and notice such an improvement there. It’s become a night product I wouldn’t do without.


    I just received the Midnight Youth Potion this week. I have extremely dry and sensitive skin. To say that I was skeptical about this product is an understatement. Due to skin sensitivities, I often have issues with skin care products, but this one is fantastic. I've only used this product a few times, and I love the way that it makes my skin feel. I can already see the difference it has made I the fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead. My skin looks hydrated even in the middle of the winter, and it doesn't leave my skin feeling oily like other products often do.