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Strong And Detoxifying

This was the first product that I tried from this company and I wasn't disappointed. This is not your typical body scrub, please keep this in mind. This is the variety of deep, professional body exfoliation that one receives at spas during treatment. If you've visited a spa for a body scrub exfoliation treatment, then you will know to what I am referring. If you love a soothing but strong and extremely effective exfoliation experience, then this is definitely something that you'll want to try. From experience, I have a few tips: First, mix the product well with each use as it's all natural and you'll want to blend the oils with the salts and charcoal, and then apply (always prior to shaving, never after) from the neck down, in parts, working on one area at a time massaging in circular motions. I've found that it works best when I've enjoyed a steamy hot shower or bath to open my pores and then I turn off the water, lightly towel off and get down to scrubbing. Working in small, circular motions I work the mixed paste over my skin and feel the sea salts at work for about one minute per area. I leave the paste on each area for about 30 seconds more for detoxifying effects before rinsing off. Unlike a lot of scrubs out there, this is all natural with everything you'd want and nothing you wouldn't want, but it is quite effective. The exfoliation is deep and the product rinses completely clean, yet your skin still retains the moisture from the natural oils and honey. It's the ideal preparation for self-tanner or a targeted treatment. If you have dry, flaking or scaly skin as I do from harsh New England winters than this scrub will become your best friend. The healing sea and lava salts scrub away the flakes while the charcoal and green tea detoxifies and the natural oils, aloe and honey work together to soothe and moisturize. It's the most intense, detox exfoliation I've found thus far so I'll definitely be purchasing this again.

The Most Unique Precious Healing Body Oil

I've tried and tested just about every body oil, the world over. Never have I found a naturally organic, holistic healing body oil such as this. This oil is worth every penny and more. Many body care products on the market today contain such dangerous ingredients and this brand in general is a Godsend if you're trying to avoid those negative ingredients as we are. I shared this oil with my husband, a primary care physician whose focus is using the most natural products possible and he was equally impressed. First, the easy to use spill-proof amber packaging is recyclable and light-resistant to conserve the integrity of the oil which wonderfully contains zero additives. The oil itself contains so many naturally occurring healing properties; Vitamins C & E, Omegas 3, 6 and 9 and Flavonoids of the plant metabolites to provide health benefits through cell signalling pathways and antioxidant effects, just to list a few. It's also a combination of the most healing, skin-beneficial oils on the planet all in one product. But, let's touch on the way this precious elixir impacts the skin and my fantastic results. A little goes a long way and it's one that's immediately absorbed and penetrates with deep moisture but with no traces of grease or stickiness. My bottle lives in my shower, as I love to apply it immediately after bathing. It also assists in my shaving routine and I'll add that I've noticed a dramatic reduction in razor irritation, likely due to the healing properties of the oil. If you have dry or sensitive skin or are at all prone to breakouts, this may become your "Holy Grail" body oil as it doesn't congest the skin, heals and soothes and deeply, comfortably moisturizes absent of any stickiness. It contains - and does - everything that I want and nothing I don't.

Not satisfied with the present shipment. I had ordered the same type of body wash before and the quality was much better. This time I ordered 3 bottles and all of them are very watery. Regret to have ordered 3 bottles.

Not yet used.

Pride Soap Bar

good stuff

Good stuff


Wonderful stuff I love the Bergamount liquid soap and my pride bars are a big hit.


this is the second time I have let you guys know that it was i gift. I am not getting the items. I can not review them as I have never tried them

Excellent scrub, great scent. Will be ordering more. Like everything I have ordered from Jaboneria Marianella . Great customer service.


They were great June Birthday gifts. Can’t wait to get a package of my own!

Little Wonder

Smells incredible, absorbs really well, perfect size to fit in your pocket or purse!

Best body oil

The body oil is great, especially for those who want or need an unscented oil. It is moisturizing and replenishing. It’s one of my favorite products from Marianella!

Best scrub

Makes you feel so smootg

Amazingly soft skin

Found a solution to removal, warm shower followed up by a creamy cleanser. My combination skin is SO soft and no trace of oily skin in my t-zone. I appreciated the tea tree oil scent and it is wonderful for your skin. This is a mask I would rebuy and let me tell you I have a substantial collection of the best recommends from beautypedia, Sephora and a good sampling of major magazine best products. While I originally found the texture surprising, it is obvious this is a natural and organically derived product and the results absolutely suppor this! So much love!! Thank you!!! Where are emojis when a girl needs them?!

Love Products but disappointed in packaging

This is not the first time I have ordered these two products. 1) These two products arrived in a box larger than the items with no packing materials. The cover came off the oil and some of it leaked. 2) I was disappointed that the bottle of oil is no longer glass. This review only mentions 1 product I ordered and received two.


This body cream is light and creamy. Absorbs into your skin effortlessly and feels wonderful. In love with the Moroccan Fig and Bergamot scent!


This smells incredible and leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth, hydrated. In love with the Moroccan Fig and Bergamot scent!

Sexy as hell...

Anything these guys make with this scent I buy....because it's just so insanely sumptuous.

But this room spray really suprised me. It really lasts. I sprayed a small bit near each light in my office and the heat from the bulbs warms the scent through the room.

Perfect Scrub for Great Skin!

This really is one of the best scrubs I have tried. It's a little rough so you have to be gentle with the lava particles but it definitely scrubs all the dry/ dead skin away and leaves you glistening!

Amazing !!

So excited to have this fragrance for my home now! I love the soap and the body scrub This is a fabulous scent


The texture of this face wash reminds me of whipped cream. It has a light scent which when applied is faint yet pleasing. It took all my makeup off. As soon as this is back in stock I will make a point of buying several as I absolutely love this product!


I first received this product in my FabFitFun box, last year, and I've been hooked! I always have to have it in stock. My skin feels absolutely amazing after using it.

Lip Love!

I always have dry lips and I have tried every lip moisturizer that there is. This is the BEST!! Creamy, moisturizes without just sitting on top and being greasy. It soaks in and my lips are so soft. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!

So fabulous....

get it and get ready to feel amazing - plus the smell is beyond yummy!!

Excellent customer service!

Upon mistakenly sending the wrong lotion, they quickly sent the correct order and allowed me to keep the mistaken order. I appreciate this super service. The scent is so wonderful and the lotion is perfect for my sensitive skin.