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I’m obsessed

I have been using these soaps for over a year. They are beyond amazing!!!

Best toner Ive ever used.. seriously.

I have FINALLY found the perfect toner!! I have pretty much tried all available brands in varying price points from Seabreeze to SK II and none compare to this product! The smell is very sophisticated and I especially love the fact that it is a SPRAY and I am not wasting half of the product on the cotton ball trying to apply it to my face. The mist amount/coverage is perfect it did not dry my face out which is a common issue with pretty much every other toner out there. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!! So excited to see that it came with my monthly subscription box and a FULL SIZE at that! I will definitively be re- ordering this product!

The BEST compliment to your favorite moisturizer

This serum came in my very first monthly subscription box. After hearing all the rave reviews about these products when I went to the website I was honestly overwhelmed by product so I figured that was the best way to try a little of everything. THIS IS A HIT. I could immediately feel the difference in my skins overall softness today adding it to my normal moisturizer this morning. Light enough to add without making your face oily and thick enough to truly provide an instant boost to your skin. The best part about it is that with the box I received a full size bottle! I am so happy to have it and will definitely be repurchasing in the future.


I adore my Marianella products. I love the ginger and gardenia fragrance and was happy to see its comeback as a body oil. I use the body oil in a roller applicator and also add it to my fragrance-free body cream (Cetaphil). The addition of the oil turns an average cream into a luxurious ointment. It is not nearly as good as the actual (and missed) ginger and gardenia body cream, but it works. The soaps are wonderful and last a long time. Finally, so proud to support the creative entrepreneurship of fellow Venezuelans.

Face Primer - Detox Gel


I absolutely loved the scent and how luxurious the scrub felt.. beautiful product!!

Delicious and Beautiful.

I have tried several products from Botanic Bakery and they are all delicious. The lollipop giftbox is my go to when I need to send something to my friends for birthdays, anniversary etc. I use it also as gift for my clients and they all love it!

Bath bombs

I got this for a gift. They come in a lovely gift box.

Oprah was right

These are amazing. Little pieces of art, I'm impressed. Perfect gift!

you never want to miss it

each lollipop is authentic and unique. especially receiving them in a collection. such a pleasure having them as a home decoration or gifting.

A scent that takes you away!

My family and I use this particular scent in our soaps, hand washes, and body washes all over our home and in our professional offices. The scent is refreshing, heavenly, and could only be described as "serene." Our clients and patients absolutely love it! There is an aromatherapy aspect to this mystical concoction and it is so gentle on the skin. We are patiently waiting for all the other products to come back in stock. The soap is certainly wonderful and moisturizing, but the body wash is our favorite! You cannot go wrong with this scent. Highly recommended for anyone who loves the smell of the ocean mixed with light french perfume and just a bit of the forest! :-)

My Signature Fragrance

This has been my go-to fragrance ever since I wandered into the Marianella store almost 2 years ago. It's perfect because it's softly sweet without being too fruity, or too earthy...yet it somehow marries the two in a soft, and subtle way. I bring the roller oils when traveling, have one in my car at all times, and I buy in bulk to give as presents to friends and family.


As expected, nice touch.

Midnight Youth Potion

Very nice It feels great in my skin

My Magic store!

I love it! Oils, bar soaps, toners the essence, everything is wonderful! I am so glad. That I find this gem in New York! Thank you so much!

I'll NEVER go without this serum ever again!

I went a couple months without re-ordering this serum. Now that I have it again, I'll NEVER run out again!!!

Beautiful and delicious

These are fantastic! I ate one, yum and used the other 4 as part of the wrappings for bridal shower gifts. Everyone was in love with them. So pretty!

Hawaiian Black Lava Body Oil


I love this detox moisturizer!

This is the best scent....

I bought this bar soap because it was the only soap left with the Wisteria and Jasmine scent.....which has been my favorite for several years. I have to admit, the liquid/pump hand soap in this scent smelled slightly different and I preferred that one (please bring it back!), but the bar soap scent is close. I bought quite a bit of the liquid soap at one point for work and everyone commented on how great the scent was - from high school students to great-grandparents (and men, too!).

Wonderful Serum

This serum is amazing and the roller is so convenient and easy to use. I highly recommend!

Don’t leave home without them

Love my 4 stainless steel straws. Helping the environment is good. Easy to clean and tote about!

Love this scent

I love the Hawaiian black Lava scent! I bought the oil, exfoliant and the candle. My favorite is the candle. It is elegant and smells delicious. I am very happy with my purchases.


I happen to really enjoy this product.

Very nice

I like it. Very soft aroma. I hope guys can do something with pine.