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Love, love, love the scent, the texture, the way this absorbs so effortlessly into my skin. Must have pick me up that works wonders on my winter worn hands!,

Loved it!

This subscription box is great! I loved the addition of the smudge stick, it is incredibly beautiful. The bath soak also is gorgeous. This subscription box is great for yourself but also to put little gifts together for friends and family as you collect additional products

Energy cleansing smudge sticks

Absolutely beautiful!!!

The most amazing scent and moisturizing lotion!

I love this cream! It feels great on the skin, not sticky or hard to absorb and has the most beautiful scent! It’s best of every world!

A Must !

All the products in this Hawaiian Black Lava collection are amazing. Not need for parfum after using the soap or the scrub, I high
Y recommend it. Once youon it you’ll stock up on them

Youth Potion!

Love this potion. It’s soothing and nourishing. I wake up with glowing skin, no pulling, and no redness.

Best soaps!

Wonderful smelling and moisturizing soaps!

Much better

Last time this product was not the same and I sent an email. I was told it was because it was cold so warm it up to melt. That helped a tiny bit but I had to add oil and it was still not as good. I gave this product another try because things happen and it is much much better. Good timing for winter dryness!

A wonderful treat each month

My Pamper Me box is my treat to me. I love the products that I receive and haven’t been disappointed. I’ve given up other subscription boxes, because this is the best!

I have normal combo skin, and I love this oil. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but I’m in love. My skin loves the Midnight Youth Potion. My normaly oily parts aren’t oil slicks and feel normal. I use this at night and have for a few weeks and am impressed with how my skin looks. The redness isn’t as noticeable and my skin feels and looks good. A little goes a long way and I rub my fingers over the palms of my hands after I’ve applied to my face. I also use a drop for under my eyes and notice such an improvement there. It’s become a night product I wouldn’t do without.

Moisturize and not greasy

Love this lip balm. First the packaging is environmentally friendly and easy to use, but most importantly it works!!! It helped heal my chapped lips quickly and it’s not greasy to use. I’m buying a few more tubes to have in my purse, keep on my vanity and to give to a friend.

Love it

Thanks for your hard work!!!


Love the soap bars! The liquid soap smells like plastic though. Thot it was a particular fragrance, but it’s all my liquid hand soap. Maybe you all can change whatever is in it that gives that ‘plastic’ smell.

Wonderful Products

Love the scent and feel of my skin after use! So soft! And the gift of the CBD lollipop is so wonderful! I need more!!


Great products, make my skin glow!

Amazing product!

I have extremely sensitive, dry, fair skin that does not fare well in our New England winters (dry, red, flaky patches, breakouts that scar {at 33, yup}, fine lines, you name it). It's embarrassing to go out in public when the redness flares up. I've tried so many products out there, and many all natural products are still too irritating or drying for my skin. Oils are the way to go! I've resorted to making my own face wash using coconut oil because it's the only thing that actually hydrates and soothes my skin.
I purchased this bottle of magic as an add-on to my winter FabFitFun box, and I was very excited to try it given the known benefits of all the ingredients. I was not disappointed! I've used it more as a facial oil than a body oil, but I love it! It actually hydrates my skin - long after I apply it - and has reduced the redness in my cheeks drastically - I have only used it for about a month but I will definitely be buying more. The smell is to die for, and my skin is actually plumped and glowing. My breakout scars are fading and my skin tone is evening out. This doesn't dry out my face out or make it feel tight and itchy, and my makeup applies beautifully over it. I use it at night before bed as well. You cannot go wrong with this oil!!
The price point is a little painful, but to me this oil is worth its weight in gold. You don't need any other products in your routine...except maybe a little vitamin E to help with the encroaching crow's feet!

Total Bliss

Marianella products are now a must in my life! So exquisite luscious and incredible

Hawaiian Black Lava Body Caviar with Charcoal

Hawaiian Black Lava Body Caviar with Charcoal

Wow! What a difference!

I am not a fan of many moisturizers. I have combination skin. Oily T zone and dry cheeks. I gave the Face Priner a try. I can say WOW! My blackheads where I’m dry are gone. My chin where I always have issues has also cleared up. But even more amazing is the soft skin that has the moisture I need! I’m loving my skin again at 47. This is a product I won’t be without.


Of all the subscription boxes out there... this one is the BEST!


Hi all!
Just wanted to share, I have a very dry scalp, close to my forehead line I get like a weird dry patch, from an old sunburn. To get rid of it, I use the Royal Kalahari serum after I shower. I add some little drops to the dry parts in my scalp and then I massage. The serum soaks perfectly into the scalp and does not leave my hair oily. So it is not only great for face, but for scalp too.


I love love love the way this oil makes my skin feel and glow. I apply it after my bath while my skin is damp and Pat it in. My only complaint is the packaging. It is rather tedious squirting it out of the bottle. There has to be an easier more luxurious way. That is the only thing that has kept me from repurchasing


I just received the Midnight Youth Potion this week. I have extremely dry and sensitive skin. To say that I was skeptical about this product is an understatement. Due to skin sensitivities, I often have issues with skin care products, but this one is fantastic. I've only used this product a few times, and I love the way that it makes my skin feel. I can already see the difference it has made I the fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead. My skin looks hydrated even in the middle of the winter, and it doesn't leave my skin feeling oily like other products often do.

Pamper Me Box a girls best gift to herself

I absolutely love the Pamper Me Box. I was so excited about the December box, the Midnight Youth Potion is fabulous. I’ve loved every product, the body oils, bath bombs, the room sprays....can’t pick a favorite! Would love to have more bath bombs in the future boxes.